PEPMIS Sign Up And Sign In – Employee Self Service Sign Up And Log In PEPMIS Sign Up And Log In – Employee Self Service Sign Up And Log In

PEPMIS Sign Up and sign In – Employee Self Service Sign Up And Log In, PEPMIS Personal Performance Management Information System

The Government has planned to ensure that it continues to strengthen its internal operational systems to improve access to services in parallel with facilitating the provision of information to the community through the use of IT and enabling Digital communication between the Government and Citizens.

The Office of the Prime Minister – Labour, Youth, Employment and the Disabled has been trained on the new Institutional Performance Measurement Systems (PIPMIS) and the Public Employees Performance Measurement System (PEPMIS).

He mentioned the new systems as the Public Employee’s Performance Management Information System (PEPMIS) and Public Institution Performance Management Information System (PIPMIS).

The use of new systems will discard the current use of Open Performance Review and Appraisal System (OPRAS), which is an open, formal and systematic procedure designed to assist both employers and employees in planning, managing, evaluating and realizing performance improvement in the organization. Regardless, all systems aims at achieving organizational goals.

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Also, Mr Simbachawene said the government now wants to intensify capacity building in all Public Entities (PEs), so that they begin implementing a new electronic system for supervision and performance in the public service.

So far, according to him, there were 215 public institutions, 26 ministries, 26 Regional Secretariets and 70 PEs as well as 98 Local Government Authorities (LGAs).

Another among other top priorities, according to him, is to prepare a policy for Information and Communications (ICT) systems in efforts to strengthen electronic government (e-GA).

Mr Simbachawene added that in the next financial year, the government is planning to coordinate yet another grand project for the country’s digital transformation dubbed Government Internet Bandwidth, which seeks to have several public entities have common service centers for the benefit of the nation.

The government further wants, in collaboration with the office of the Attorney General (AG), to review different laws, regulations and guidelines guiding the public service.

PEPMIS Sign Up and Sign In – Employee Self Service Sign Up And Log In

Mr Simbachawene further told the august House that the government was equally doing research to identify the different working environments, so as to ensure public servants remain at their areas of duty.

He also noted that integrity matters were also a serious issue in the public service, adding that the government would in the next financial year increase campaigns on how best to maintain integrity in the public service.

On Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF), Mr Simbachawene said the government intends to conduct verification of at least 380,000 beneficiaries, in a bid to identify those who have graduated to pave way for others in need to be included in the programme.

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Mr Simbachawene commended civil servant’s contribution in propelling the country’s development, expressing high hopes that they will continue giving their best for the country to hit upper middle income status.

He said the envisioned development will be geared towards ‘Realizing Competitiveness and Industrialization for Human Development’ as stipulated in the National Five-Year Development Plan 2021/22 – 2025/26 (FYDP-III).

The minister also said indicators show that the country is positioned third in Africa and first in the East African Community (EAC) in embracing ICT in all government activities.

He also said that the government will continue to strive to improve integrity of public servants by reducing the level of corruption through: leadership commitment and political will; automation; enforcement of ethics and anti-corruption laws and regulations; investigations and disciplinary actions against corrupt public servants.

PEPMIS Sign Up and Log In Steps:-

1. Create Account to the ESS Watumishi Portal through – Click Here To CREATE Account Free

2. Log In (Sign In) to your ESS Watumishi Portal Account (By Writing Your Check Number and Password That you created)

3. Click Services Then You will See PEPMIS as Shown Below

5. After Clicking PEPMIS you will see an opened window with Various Items such as:

i. Dash Board – that allow you to see different features like Personal Information and Selection of Your Supervisor

ii. Annual Institution Performance Planning – where the working station officer prepare Plans that to be performed and implement for the whole year E.g. Preparation of Lesson Notes, Schemes of Work etc. (Preparation of Tasks and Sub Tasks)

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iii. Implementation and Monitoring – It is the place in which the working station officer show how he/she is going to implement what has been planned E.g. Preparation of Lesson Plans, Quiz and exercise, make follow up of class attendance, maintaining student discipline etc.

iv. Annual Institution Performance Plan Update – here the working station officer put an updates (If available) to the Annual Institution Performance Plan E.g. If you were teaching Physics but at the Middle you are assigned another duties – you must update your new duties to be seen by your supervisor

v. Employee Performance Assessment – Here the Working station officer such as Teacher is assed by the Head of Institution and His/her Supervisor. Also the Employee can see the Assessments and if not agreed you can follow the next steps

vi. Employee Assessment Report – Here the employee can see the assessment report from the Head of the institution and the assessment done by the supervisor.

vii. Employee Performance Assessments Referral And Appeal – Here the employee can make referral to the higher leader of his/her Supervisor if the assessment grade given not accepted by the working station officer.