NACTVET Central Admission System

NACTVET Central Admission System; The Admissions section is responsible for managing admissions of students into technical and vocational institutions through establishment, maintenance and implementation of admissions guidelines, admissions guidebooks, procedures, and academic calendars (Almanacs).  During the application process, the section verifies admission requirements of applicants submitted by technical and vocational institutions either online or offline and shortlists successful applicants whose information is shared back to the institutions.  On a day-to-day basis, the section provides technical support to the institutions on verification of applicants and enrollment of those who succeed as well as the enrollment of continuing students. Transfers of students are also facilitated by the section.
Admissions Guidebook
The Admissions Guidebook is prepared before the commencement of the admission applications into Certificate or Diploma programmes.  The programmes are grouped into three categories called Subject Boards depending on the academic nature of the programmes.  The Subject Boards include Health and Allied Sciences (HAS), Science and Allied Technologies (SAT), and Business, Tourism and Planning (BTP).  The Guidebook contains various information about the institutions offering the certificate and/or diploma programmes under each Subject Board.  The Council has set the minimum entry requirements to a certificate or a diploma programme to be four non-religious subjects’ passes in Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE). However, certain programmes may have specific admission requirements depending on the Subject Board under which they fall. Generally, the admission criteria adopted in the admission guidebook are those approved by NACTVET as per Curriculum of the respective programme. The programmes offered range from Basic Technician Certificate (NTA Level 4), Technician Certificate (NTA Level 5) to Diploma (NTA Level 6).

Thus, the information contained in the Admissions Guidebookfor a given academic year, includes the list of institutions with their corresponding programmes offered, minimum entry requirements for each programme, type of ownership of the institution, and tuition fee and duration for the respective programme. More details on the entry qualifications to certificate or diploma programmes under the three Subject Boards can be found on the Downloadspage.

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Admission Application Procedure

Students’ admission is done in accordance with the academic calendar for each academic year, which can be downloaded from NACTVET website.  In addition, NACVET announces admissions windows to the public on dates indicated on the academic calendar.  The admission process starts by applicants applying directly to the training institutions offering NVA and NTA programmes.  The training institutions receive and process the applications, conduct selection, and submit selected applicants to NACTVET for verification.  The names of successful applicants shall be published through the means of communication of the respective institutions. However, the applicants may access their verification results through NACTVET IT system using special Code sent to them via mobile phone numbers provided during application.  Successful Applicants upon reporting to the respective institutions or centers shall be enrolled and issued with NACTVET registration number.  For more details on admission application procedure please read the NACTVETAdmissions Guidelines.