NACTE Award Verification Number (AVN)

NACTE Award Verification Number (AVN): The NACTE Award Verification Number (AVN) is a unique identifier issued to applicants for higher education learning institutions in Tanzania with diploma certificates. This number is provided to individuals after they have successfully verified their credentials through the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) Award Verification System (NAVS). The AVN serves as proof that the applicant’s educational qualifications have been authenticated by NACTE.

To obtain an AVN, applicants are required to register online on the NACTE website, access the NAVS, and follow the verification procedures outlined by the council. The AVN is then attached to the application forms submitted by the applicants to the respective higher education institutions. Failure to undergo the verification process and obtain an AVN may result in applicants being considered as “ghost students” and facing legal consequences. Additionally, institutions found to have enrolled unverified students may also face repercussions from NACTE.

NACTE Award Verification Number (AVN)

Please read carefully the information in this page before attempting to do anything.

The system Allows Diploma Holders who aspiring to Join Higher Education to verify their awards qualifications
IMPORTANT NOTES:To proceed with the this application you must have the following

  • 1. Valid and Working Email Address
  • 2. Valid Mobile Phone Number
REGISTRATION:To apply for mentioned category you must be registered to NAVS. Follow the below link to proceed.
  • If this is your first time click here to start your application.
  • If you are already registered please click here
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The introduction of the AVN system by NACTE is part of a broader effort to enhance the quality control of education provided by technical colleges in Tanzania. By implementing this verification process, NACTE aims to ensure that only qualified individuals with legitimate credentials are admitted to higher education institutions. The AVN acts as a safeguard against fraudulent qualifications and helps maintain the integrity of the academic admissions process.

Overall, the NACTE Award Verification Number (AVN) plays a crucial role in validating the educational backgrounds of applicants seeking admission to higher education institutions in Tanzania, thereby contributing to a more transparent and accountable admissions system.