Job Vacancies at TAKUKURU PCCB Tanzania February 2024

Job Vacancies at TAKUKURU PCCB Tanzania



How to Apply for PCCB TAKUKURU Jobs in Tanzania

Job Vacancies at TAKUKURU PCCB Tanzania; Director General of the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) wishes to invite
qualified Tanzanians to fill vacant posts in District Offices as shown below:

1.1 Required Qualifications:
1.1.1 Academic Qualifications:
• Applicants should possess three years Advanced Diploma or Undergraduate degree
• Applicants should have a minimum pass of lower second class.
• Applicants should have good working knowledge of IT and computer related
• Applicants who are registered by respective Professional Board(s) will be highly
1.1.2 Other Qualifications:
• All applicants must be citizens of Tanzania and not above 30 years old.
2.1 Required Qualifications:
2.1.1 Academic Qualifications:
from recognized learning institutions in any of the following fields; Civil Engineering,
Building Economics/Quantity Surveyor, Electrical Engineering, Water
Engineering, Highway Engineering, Architecture, Computer science, Statistics,
Law, Accountancy, Economics, Planning, Cyber Security, Tax, Procurement,
Actuarial Science, Psychology & Guidance and Counselling.

Applicants should possess Certificate of Secondary (CSE), Basic Technician certificate, or
Diploma from a recognized learning institution in one of the following categories; National
Service’s programs with Security Skills, Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Panel Beating and Spray
Painting, Automotive Electronics (NVA/NTA level 3 – 4) and Driving skills, Customer Service/Office
Assistant, Assistant Accountant, Secretarial Studies
2.1.2 Other Qualifications:
• All applicants must be citizens of Tanzania of minimum age of 18 years old and not above 25 years old.
• Applicants should be of high integrity with no criminal record.
• Applicants must attach their detailed relevant certified copies of Academic certificates:

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o Degree/Advanced Diploma Transcripts and Certificates.
o Form IV and Form VI National Examination Certificates.
o Standard VII Completion Certificate.
o Professional certificates from respective boards.
o One recent passport size picture and birth certificate.
• National Identity Card (NIDA) or NIDA’s registration number is mandatory.
• Testimonials, Partial transcripts and results slips are not accepted.
• Certificates from Foreign Examination Bodies for Ordinary or Advanced Level
The National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) should certify education.
• Only verified certificates from Foreign Universities by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) will be accepted.
• Applicants must attach latest Curriculum Vitae (CV) having reliable physical address, contact postal address, email address and mobile phone numbers.
• Presentation of forged academic certificates and false information in the CV will attract legal action.
• Applicants must submit three names of referees with their reliable contact and one recent passport size photograph for each referee.
• Applicants who were terminated from Public Service for whatever reasons should not apply.
• Application letters should be hand written in Swahili or English language.
• Applicants employed by Government Institutions should channel their applications through their current employers.
• Only applicants who will comply with the pre-set qualifications and conditions will be
shortlisted for further recruitment processes.
NOTE: All applicants must note that, once recruited will be placed to work at any PCCB
District Office as Director General will determine.
4.0 Mode of Application
• All applications must be sent through PCCB recruitment Portal whose address is: and not otherwise (Posted/Hand delivery will not be accepted).

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• All applications letters should be addressed to:
Director General,
Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau,
Takukuru Street,
P.O. Box 1291
41101 DODOMA
DEADLINE OF APPLICATION: 20th February, 2024.

Job Vacancies at TAKUKURU PCCB Tanzania

Job Vacancies at TAKUKURU PCCB Tanzania; The PCCB’s role extends beyond investigation and prosecution; it also focuses on preventive measures such as promoting ethical conduct, implementing anti-corruption policies, and fostering a culture of integrity within institutions.

By addressing corruption at its roots, the bureau aims to create an environment conducive to sustainable development and good governance.

Key Functions of PCCB Tanzania

  1. Investigation and Prosecution: The PCCB conducts thorough investigations into allegations of corruption and pursues legal action against perpetrators. This includes gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and building cases for prosecution.
  2. Preventive Measures: In addition to addressing corruption after it occurs, the PCCB emphasizes preventive measures such as promoting ethical behavior, providing guidance on compliance with anti-corruption laws, and implementing mechanisms to deter corrupt practices.
  3. Public Awareness: The bureau engages in public outreach activities to raise awareness about the negative impact of corruption on society and the economy. This includes educational programs targeting various segments of the population.
  4. Collaboration: The PCCB collaborates with domestic and international entities to address cross-border corruption issues, share best practices, and enhance its capacity to combat corrupt activities effectively.
  5. Advocacy for Good Governance: Through its work, the PCCB advocates for good governance principles, transparency, and accountability in both public and private sectors.

Challenges Faced by PCCB Tanzania

Despite its efforts, the PCCB faces several challenges in its mission to combat corruption effectively. These challenges include:

  1. Resource Constraints: Limited financial resources and staffing can hinder the bureau’s ability to carry out comprehensive investigations and implement preventive measures on a national scale.
  2. Complexity of Corruption Cases: Corruption cases often involve intricate networks of individuals and organizations, making investigations challenging and time-consuming.
  3. Political Interference: Political influence or interference can impede the bureau’s independence and its ability to pursue high-profile corruption cases without bias.
  4. Capacity Building: Continuous training and capacity building are essential for PCCB staff to stay abreast of evolving forms of corruption and investigative techniques.
  5. Public Perception: Overcoming apathy or skepticism among the public regarding reporting corrupt activities requires sustained efforts in building trust and confidence in the bureau’s work.
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Job Vacancies at TAKUKURU PCCB Tanzania; In conclusion, the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) in Tanzania plays a crucial role in addressing corruption through investigation, prosecution, prevention, collaboration, advocacy for good governance, and public awareness initiatives. Despite facing challenges, the bureau remains committed to promoting integrity and transparency while striving for a corruption-free society that fosters sustainable development.