FTNA NECTA Results In case you haven’t heard already, the FTNA (Form Two National Assessment) is one of the most anxiety-inducing tests you can take as a Tanzanian secondary school student. To say that it’s stressful would be an understatement, and we understand if you don’t remember how to check your FTNA results 2023-Matokeo Ya Kidato Cha Pili 2023/2024 online just yet. 

We know that it can seem like a lot to take in at once, but we also understand that you want answers as soon as possible. Luckily for you, we have all the information you need regarding how to check your NECTA FTNA results 2023 – Matokeo Kidato Cha Pili 2023/2024 online so that you can find out what they are as soon as possible. Keep reading to discover more!

What does your FTNA results-Matokeo Form Two 2023 mean?

FTNA NECTA Results; Your FTNA result is the final outcome of your Form Two National Assessment exam. A Form Two National Assessment, or FTNA, is a standardized test given to students in Tanzania at the end of their second year of secondary school (Form two). The test is used to assess academic achievement and determine which students will be eligible to move on to form three (third year of secondary school).

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FTNA NECTA Results; The FTNA -NECTA Form Two results 2023 provide important information about student learning in Tanzania and are used to help ensure that all students have access to quality education. The results can also be used to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses in the education system, and to inform efforts to improve teaching and learning.

You can read more about the different FTNA scores and their meanings below. We’re here to walk you through the process of how to check your FTNA results-Matokeo Ya Form Two 2023 online and help you get a better idea of what they mean.

When will you get your FTNA results-Form two results 2023?

The NECTA will release the Form two results 2023 to students by mid-January 2024. Results-Matokeo Ya Kidato Cha Pili 2023 will be available online from midday. To access results, students will need to visit the NECTA official website at https://necta.go.tz/



The results of the Form two results 2023 will be released on the same day as the results of the Standard Four National Assessment (SFNA) results.

If you have taken the Form Two National Assessment and are awaiting your results, there are a few things you can do to help pass the time.

  • First and foremost, try to keep your mind occupied with other things. It is important not to dwell on the results, as the last thing you want to do is make yourself more anxious by thinking about it too much.
  • Next, you can try to make plans for the time after you have received your results. This will help get you through the wait and distract you from the stress of waiting.
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Where can you check FTNA results-Matokeo Ya Form Two 2023?

The best place to check your FTNA results 2023 -Matokeo Ya Kidato Cha Pili 2023 is online, through the official website of NECTA. You can also check your results at the school where you took the test, as the FTNA results 2023 will also be sent out to your school during the first week of January.

How can you check your FTNA results 2023-Matokeo Ya Kidato Cha Pili 2023 online?

If you still have doubts about how to check your FTNA results 2023 online, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a short paragraph about how to check your results below.

Firstly, you will need to visit the NECTA website, once you are on the NECTA website navigate to the Main Menu and click the results tab, then select FTNA, then click FTNA results 2023, this will take you to the results for all schools, search for your school and you will be able to see your FTNA results 2023-Matokeo Form Two 2023.

Another way to check your results-Matokeo Ya Kidato Cha Pili 2023 is to use the NECTA Results Portal. To do this, simply follow the links below.

If you have any questions regarding your FTNA results-Matokeo Ya Form Two 2023, you can call the NECTA help desk at +255-22-2775966.

What if you fail your FTNA?

If your FTNA results indicate that you have failed the FTNA exam, you may have to retake the test or complete a remediation program. Depending on your school’s policy, you may also be held back a grade. It is important to note that if you fail the FTNA, you will not be able to proceed to the next level of secondary education.