New Form Five Combinations

The GOVERNMENT has said that it has opened the scope for graduates of   Form Four in 2023 to change their special  ‘combinations’ for Form Five, Teaching college Courses, middle colleges, and technical education on the electronic system to allow students to study the subjects they like and which will enable them self employment

The statement issued today by the Minister of State, Office of the President of Regional Administration and Local Government (TAMISEMI), Mohamed Mchengerwa in the ministry’s sub-office, Kivukoni, Dar es Salaam has explained that the opportunity is part of the implementation of changes in education policy and 2014 training, the 2023 edition and education curricula for the form five level.

“The implementation has involved the establishment of 49 new “Combinations” from the 16 previously existing to reach 65 “Combinations“,” said Mchengerwa.

Mchengerwa said the implementation of the new form five combinations will begin in July 2024 and they are in seven groups such as:-

  • Society Science,
  • Language,
  • Business Studies,
  • Science,
  • Sports,
  • Arts and
  • Religious Studies,” said the leader.

He said the completion of this exercise will provide an opportunity for students to make changes to specific options and courses through the internet ‘online’. The government will use the database to select students joining Form five and those in colleges.


Form five Combinations
Form five Combinations

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