ESS Utumishi: Employee Self-Service Portal

ESS Utumishi The world of work is consistently moving towards digital and online platforms. Even the Tanzania public service management sector is not left behind in this trend. To keep up with the times and to simplify processes, the President’s Office of Public Service Management and Good Governance of the United Republic of Tanzania has introduced ESS Utumishi. Is it easy to use? Absolutely! Does it make a difference? Most definitely! This blog aims to provide a detailed guide to navigating the ESS Utumishi portal for watumishi including NECTA, TRA, TBS, Teachers, LA, etc will teach you ESS Utumishi Login and ESS Utumishi Registration. Let’s dive in and learn about this fantastic tool that is not just revolutionizing the way things are done but also saving time and resources.

Key Highlights

  • ESS Utumishi, an online platform designed by the President’s Office of Public Service Management and Good Governance of the United Republic of Tanzania.
  • Employee Self Service, ESS System, Performance Assessment, Teacher’s Guide, Educational Technology, PEPMIS, Professional Development for Teachers.
  • The platform has been created to ease access to employment-related services and information for public servants.
  • Easy login and registration process that is accessible to all registered employees.
  • Facilities for updating personal information, changing passwords, and accessing essential documents are available on the portal.
  • Issues with the login or registration process can be quickly addressed with the help of the ICT support team.
  • FAQ section provided to answer common queries related to the use of the ESS Utumishi portal.

What is ESS Utumishi?

The Employee Self-Service system is a digital platform that facilitates employees and employers in setting goals, objectives, and tasks. This system is essential for implementing performance assessments efficiently. It aids in planning and tracking progress within a predetermined timeframe, ensuring that each goal and activity is weighted appropriately.

ESS Utumishi, short for Employee Self Service Utumishi, is an online platform developed for the employees of the United Republic of Tanzania. Secured under the president’s name, it empowers public servants by providing easy access to their employment-related information. A simple, user-friendly, Employee Self Service system enables employees/employers to set goals, objectives, and minor tasks to facilitate the implementation of performance assessments within the scheduled time and with the weight set for each goal/objective/activity., this portal ensures smooth service management within the organization.

Features of ESS Utumishi

  1. User Registration and Profile Management.
  2. Goal Setting and Task Management.
  3. Performance Evaluation Module (PEPMIS).
  4. Password Management and Security.
  5. Access to Various Modules (e.g., My Profile, Salary Slip, e-loan).
  6. Supervisor Assignment and Management.
  7. Task and Subtask Creation and Management.
  8. Alerts and Notifications System.
  9. Secure and User-Friendly Interface.
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Step-by-Step Guide to ESS Utumishi Registration

If you aren’t registered yet, don’t worry! Registration is a simple process too. Once registered, you’ll have access to a host of services offered by ESS Utumishi. Let’s navigate through the pathway to become part of the seamless digital workplace.

Prerequisites for registration

For an effortless registration, be sure to have these details handy:

  • An active check number that will act as your username.
  • A working email address.
  • Contact and personal details.

Let’s move to the registration steps.

ESS Utumishi Registration process

To harness the full potential of the ESS system, the first step is registration. Below is a detailed guide to help you navigate this process:

  1. Accessing the System: Begin by visiting as na ew user, and click on “Click here to register.”
  2. Entering Personal Information: During registration, you will be required to provide your Check number, NIDA number, and email address. After entering these details, click on ‘sign up’ to proceed.
  3. Confirmation and Credentials: Successful registration will be confirmed via SMS. If your details are accurate and recorded in the HCMIS system (Human Capital Management Information System), you will receive an email with your login credentials.
  4. Password Management: Upon first login, you will be asked to change your password. It’s recommended to create a secure password, combining uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers.
  5. Completing Registration: If any issues arise during registration, you may need to visit your Personnel Officer for assistance in updating your HCMIS records. Once resolved, you can complete the registration process.
  6. Exploring the Modules: Post-registration, you will gain access to various modules such as ‘My Profile,’ ‘Salary Slip,’ and ‘e-loan.
  7. Setting Your Supervisor: An important step is to assign your supervisor to the system. This is done by entering the name of your school head and saving the information.

Check here for Utumishi ESS registration

Step-by-Step Guide to ESS Utumishi Login

Now that you’re familiar with the ESS portal, let’s delve into the login process. Being a registered user ensures you have digital access to necessary employment information whenever you need it. Here we provide a straightforward guide for ESS Utumishi Login. No matter the time, place, or device (even mobile), let’s ensure your access is always at your fingertips!

Prerequisites for ESS Utumishi login

Before we dive into the login process, ensure you’re equipped with the necessary prerequisites. You’ll need your assigned username (check number) and password. Make sure to have a strong internet connection and a web browser open on your device (computer or mobile). Remember, logging in is just a click away!

ESS Utumishi Login process

  1. Visit the ESS Utumishi Website
  2. Enter Username
    • Action: Input your check number as the username.
  3. Enter Password
    • Action: Use the password that was provided to you during the registration process.
  4. Click on the Login Button
    • Action: After entering your credentials, click on the “Login” button to access the system.
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If you encounter any difficulties or forget your password, look for the “Reset Password?” option.

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For technical inquiries, the ICT Support Team can be reached via email at or call 026 216 0240.

Check here for Utumishi ESS Login

Troubleshooting login issues

Even the best of us can face login issues. Here’s how you can troubleshoot:

  • Ensure you’ve entered the username (check number) and password accurately.
  • Check your internet connection and the compatibility of your web browser.
  • If you forget your password, use the “Reset Password?” option.
  • For technical assistance, reach out to the ICT support team.


Using the Performance Assessment Module (PEPMIS)

The Performance Assessment module, also known as PEPMIS (Public Employee Performance Management Information System), is a critical component of the ESS system. Here’s how to navigate it:

  1. Accessing PEPMIS: Find and click on the PEPMIS module. You will see the national emblem and a menu symbol; clicking this will open the module.
  2. Understanding the Stages: PEPMIS consists of six stages, including annual planning, implementation, monitoring, assessment, referral, appeal, and reporting.
  3. Task and Subtask Management: In PEPMIS, you can create, view, edit, and submit tasks and subtasks. This feature allows you to plan and track your annual goals and objectives.
  4. Alerts and Notifications: PEPMIS provides alerts in different colors (green, yellow, red) to indicate the status and urgency of your tasks and objectives.

Managing Your ESS Utumishi Account

Once active, managing your ESS utumishi account is as simple as ABC. You can efficiently perform a variety of tasks such as updating your details, changing passwords, and accessing different documents. Read on to learn more and how to ensure that your online platform remains secure.

Updating personal information

To update your records, navigate to the ‘Personal Information’ section in your account. From there, you can easily edit any out-of-date details or add new information. Remember, keeping your profile up-to-date helps maintain accurate and accessible data.

Changing password and account security

Under the “Account Security” option, you can easily change your password. It’s always recommended to keep your passwords confidential and updated regularly to maintain account security. Additionally, make sure to use strong and unique passwords for better protection.


Accessing and downloading documents


Getting essential work-related documents has never been easier. Simply go to the ‘Documents’ section of the portal. There, you’ll find an array of documents that you can view, download, or print as per your needs– anytime, anywhere!

Challenges and Solutions

Like any web portal, technologically challenged users could face issues in navigating the portal or while following the registration or login process. But fret not! The ICT support team stands ready to help, and there are clear instructions on the homepage and FAQs to answer your queries. With a clean layout and comprehensive guide, most problems can be readily resolved.

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Purpose of ESS Utumishi

  1. Goal Setting and Planning: ESS Utumishi allows employees and employers to set and manage goals, objectives, and small tasks. This is crucial for aligning individual performance with organizational objectives.
  2. Performance Evaluation: The system includes modules for performance evaluation, such as the Public Employee Performance Management Information System (PEPMIS). These modules enable employees to assess and update their performance metrics, facilitating regular performance reviews and assessments.
  3. Streamlining Administrative Processes: By allowing employees to access and manage their personal information, salary slips, loan applications, and other HR-related functions, ESS Utumishi reduces the administrative burden on HR departments and streamlines processes.
  4. Enhanced Communication and Feedback: The system provides a platform for employees to receive direct feedback from their supervisors, enhancing communication and ensuring that performance evaluations are fair and transparent.
  5. Self-Servicing Capabilities: ESS Utumishi empowers employees by giving them direct access to their personal and professional information, enabling them to make updates and requests without needing direct HR intervention.
  6. Tracking and Monitoring Performance: The system allows for the tracking and monitoring of tasks and subtasks, including setting deadlines and weights for each task, which helps in effective performance management.
  7. Providing Alerts and Notifications: The system is designed to issue alerts (green, yellow, red) to employees and employers about the status of their goals and tasks, helping them to manage time efficiently and prioritize tasks effectively.
  8. Facilitating Continuous Improvement: By regularly updating and reviewing performance data, employees can identify areas for improvement and take necessary actions, contributing to their professional development and growth.
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Features and Benefits

ESS Utumishi comes with a host of features that offer several benefits for its users:

  • Personal Information: Update or edit your profile details in real-time.
  • Account Security: Change passwords and keep your account secure.
  • Document Access: Download necessary employment-related documents anytime.
  • Support Team: Reach out to the ICT support team for assistance.
  • Facilitation of Continuous Personal and Professional Development.
  • Convenience in Handling HR-Related Tasks and Queries.


ESS Utumishi is an innovative platform that makes tasks more manageable and efficient for public servants in Tanzania. By transforming traditional management methods into a simple, user-friendly online portal, it offers high convenience and functionality. It is a remarkable tool that allows employees to not just interact with their service management, but also to perform many work-related tasks without complexities. The step-by-step guides provided in this article about various processes involved in ESS Utumishi: Login, Registration, Managing your account, and also troubleshooting – aim to assist the users with an easy navigation experience. Join the wave of digital transition and embrace the ease and efficiency brought by ESS Utumishi in managing public services in Tanzania!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access ESS Utumishi on mobile devices?

Yes, definitely! The ESS Utumishi portal can be accessed on any device (including mobile) with a working web browser and a stable internet connection. This makes it all the more convenient to use, anytime, anywhere.

What should I do if I forget my password?

No worries! If you forget your password, just click on the ‘Reset Password??’ link on the login page. Follow the instructions to reset your password and regain access to your account.


Is the ESS Utumishi portal secure?


Absolutely! Account security is a top priority for ESS Utumishi. The portal is implemented with high-level security standards to ensure all data and user details remain confidential and protected.

How can I get help if I encounter any issues with the portal?

For any assistance, feel free to reach out to the ICT Support Team at or call 026 216 0240. They are ready to help with any technical inquiries or issues you may encounter.